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We aim to breed sound Australian Kelpies of good temperament suitable  for  showing, obedience, agility, herding and being your best mate.

Our foundation bitch  Ch Morkerbook Blazen Dare (Kari) achieved her title at 13 months of age and has 500 ch points at just over 2 years of age.  She has also commenced obedience training which she enjoys very much.  

August 2008 

Kari has been mated with  Ch Linbarlee Hondo HIT.

Our much anticipated litter has arrived on 19th October 2008.  There are 4 boys and 1 girl and all are doing well. 

 The puppies are happily living in their new homes.  We are keeping "Kusco Daretobe Kosi" and he will be entering the show ring in late January 2008.  We hope you have enjoyed the photo blog of Kari and her family. Thanks to the Cunninghams of Comeby Kennels and the Nalders of Linbarlee Kelpies for their guidance and Sharon Morris of Morkerbook Kennels for her support.

Nov 09

We are proud to announce the first Kusco Champion.  Kusco Daretobe Kosi attained his title at the age of 1year 2weeks. Kosi is now training to be an obedience dog.

Sept 10 

We are pleased to announce that Ch Morkerbook Blazen Dare (Kari) was mated with Grand Ch Tegoura Blinky Bill on 27th September 2010 with puppies expected in late November 2010. 

The BlinknDare litter, all girls, arrived safely.

30th Jan 11

The BlinknDare girls have all gone to their new homes.  Kusco BlinknDare Topaz has gone to join the Morkerbook Kennels showcrew.  Thanks to Deb Neumann for allowing us to use her lovely boy Bill as the Sire of this litter and to Sharon and Nelda Morris for their ongoing support and encouragement.


Kari (Morkerbook Blazen Dare) has attained the title of Grand Champion

We are proud to announce the 2nd Kusco Champion - Kusco Blinkndare Topaz.  Congratulations to her owners Morkerbook Kennels.

Kari (Gr Ch Morkerbook Blazen Dare) and Kosi (Ch Kusco Daretobe Kosi) have both attained their Rally Novice titles.


Kusco Daredevil attained his Rally Novice title.  Congratulations to his owners Susan and David. 

Kari (Gr Ch Morkerbook Blazen Dare RN) has attained her 1st pass towards Rally Advanced.  

Ch Kusco Blinkndare Topaz is the first Kusco girl to produce a litter and we are proud to say she recently had 7 beautiful pupppies for Morkerbook Kennels, 2 of which will be having their showring debut in early 2014. 

My dogs Kari and Kosi had a good year in the ring with a Runner Up in Group and multiple In Group wins between them.


Kari won Bitch Challenge and Runner Up Best of Breed at the Royal Melbourne Show and congratulations to her grandson Jader at Morkerbook Kennels who has attained his Champion Title and won his first Best in Show at 12 months of age.


Kari was spayed and will be shown towards her Neuter title in the second half of 2015. 

Kari attained her Neuter title after about 3 months of showing.  On the way she won many Neuter in Groups and ended the year with 12 Neuters in Group and 1 Neuter in Show.

Kari was awarded the Dogzonline Certificate * No1 Australian Kelpie in the Neuter Competition Australia.


This year  concentrating on obedience training with both Kari and Kosi.  Kari gained her CCD title in April.

Kosi was the Star of the Rover Lawn Mower TV Ads for their Mans Best Fiend campaign 2016.

Kari once again won Dogzonline Comp for No1 Aust Kelpie in the Neuter Comp both for Vic and Aust as well as No1 Neuter Working Dog in Vic.


We have welcomed a new baby, Callicoma Kuba Spice to our show team.  

Kari again won DOL Comp No.1 Aust Kelpie in the Neuter Comp for both Aust and Vic.


Kuba gained her Australian Champion title at 1 year of age and is now living happily in her new home

Kari has attained her Neuter Grand Champion title.

Devil attained his Neuter Ch title.


This year we welcomed Morkerbook Saffire Night to our show team.

Saffi has settled in well and is enjoying obedience, showing and playing with her Great Grandmother Kari.

Saffi gained her Australian Champion title at 9 months of age.


Saffi is starting Agility training this year as well as showing and in late December we welcomed her first litter, the Moonlight Litter.


Saffi had 6 beautiful puppies and we kept a Chocolate boy Blue (Kusco Moonlit Bluestone) who will join the Kusco show team.


in October we welcomed the Starlight litter of 7 lovely healthy puppies.

If all goes to plan Saffi will have her 3rd and last litter around the end of the year.


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